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Legacies Academy

a Haven for Learning

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Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

We Believe...

  1. We believe in ‘Home-style Schooling’

  2. We believe that childhood is a time to foster wonder, creativity, and discovery through play and exploration.

  3. We believe that children can receive quality academic education, while also nurturing a sense of curiosity, joy, and awe that encompasses a positive childhood.

  4. We believe that there are four teachers: the adults, the students, the classroom environment and nature.

  5. We believe that children learn because they want to, not because they are forced to remember.

  6. We believe in letting children learn at their own pace and always honouring the child.

  7. We believe in giving children an abundance of opportunities, time and access to beauty – like art, music, literature, nature, and their own imaginations.

  8. We believe this path isn’t just for childhood but for a lifetime of pursing interests, responding to adversity and building a life based on purpose, not perfection.

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Our School

a Place for

the Wild & Free

Legacies Academy, literally and figuratively, creates a haven for growth and learning. Curiosity and happiness come to life in a place where children are allowed to follow their interests and explore their surroundings. Active classrooms filled with educational materials designed to engage students in hands-on learning. Located next to George Lane Park, students spend an equal amount of time outdoors exploring and playing as they do indoors.

Alberta Education

Accredited Private School

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Our School
Our Programs
Our Programs

Our programs create a rich environment for your child that focuses on their holistic development through wonder, art, music, language, math, science, fine motor skills, and free play.

Currently, for the 2022-2023 School Year we are offering Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade One & Grade Two with plans to grow and expand each year in order to continue to offer programming.

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Learning experiences incorporate the Academic Standards in ways that are authentic and meaningful to students with fully integrated subjects.

Wilder -


Kindergarten is where the culmination of developed skills gained through the hands on materials and curriculum becomes evident.

Wee Wild   Ones

The preschool classroom is filled with hands-on learning experiences where students build upon their knowledge and develop skill sets.

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Our Community

Community is of the upmost importance in forging our 'Home-style Schooling' and bridging home to school. We believe that every child and their parents become part of our family. We host events that welcome the whole family and encourage a high level of involvement during each child's time at Legacies Academy.

Our Community
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We are a group of educators who deeply believe that children should not only receive a quality education, but also experience all of the adventure, freedom, and wonder of childhood.

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Our Team

The Legacies staff are always thinking of unique ways to create wonderful human beings. It is a school of visionaries and we are so grateful for the time, care, and love that is shown every day to our grateful children. I do not worry about whether they are valued and protected. I know that they are. 

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